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2D/1N Kelong Trip on 21 to 22 June 2003

There were 17 people in this kelong trip. The group was made up by 2 couples, 1 single, 2 families of 4 and 6 including a total of 4 children, Kenny and his partner.

On that Saturday morning, we met at Delifrance in the World Trade Centre (WTC). When everyone arrived, we checked in to wait to board the ferry to Batam Waterfront City. The ferry took an hour’s time to reached Batam. We had our temperature taken (SARS precautionary measure) before we queue up to have our passport stamped and cleared from the Indonesia Custom.

Next, we left our bags and other barang barang on the 2 vans (the land transport we are taking). Then, we proceeded to the 2nd level to enjoy light shopping for can drinks, cigarettes, beer, titbits, etc. After half-an hour’s time, we were on the vans heading to the seafood kelong restaurant. The journey from the ferry terminal to the seafood kelong restaurant is about 30min.

At the restaurant, there are several nets where you can see different kinds of live seafood - scallop, grouper, flower-crabs, prawns, lobster, crabs, etc. While waiting for the food, we were watching, playing and photo-taking with the live fishes. We had flower crabs, scallops, vegetables, soup, groupers (steamed), prawns (butter) for our lunch.

After nearly an hour’s time, we were backed on the van heading to where the boat is waiting for us to take us to the stayed-kelong. The sea journey to the kelong is about 20 min. Rooms were first distributed so that we can put our things and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Anglers could not wait any longer; set their fishing tackles up and went to the further end kelong to fish. The ladies and kids also joined in the fun. Some used small hooks just to get some small actions. Some used bigger hooks targeting to bigger fishes. Kevin, one of the anglers, caught a sholver nose/guitar fish of more than 10kg. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get it out of the water. The fish struggled for at least 20 min and when it did a final struggle, it managed to break free from Kevin’s line. However, his girlfriend had taken photo of the fish on the surface water and Kevin definitely had enjoyed the fight. Most of the people were at the kelong fishing till evening.

This is the fishing kelong where some of them enjoyed their fishing.
Kevin caught the Shovelnose fish here while Desmond had a todak (see pics below).

When we called all the people back for BBQ Dinner, they were hungrily enjoying the dinner. There were, chicken wings, sting ray, hot dogs, selar, sotong, etc. There was green bean soup for dessert. After the dinner, most of them were back at the fishing kelong to continue their fishing while the rest just hung around there and play. Later, some took their bath under the cooling tap water. Some just rest and chat in their room. Some just couldn’t get out of touch with the world, were watching news on TV. Some went to enjoy watching the twinkle, twinkle, little stars. As the night was quite warm, we had watermelon to help cool us down.

Brian, brought a bottle of white wine to share and enjoy with few of us while eating supper (some left over from the dinner). What a great idea, white wine with seafood. Yami.

Early the next morning, a boat man brought 3 anglers out to nearby spots and the kelong opposite to fish. Mike caught most of the fishes - ang kuek and groupers. Mike suggested to steam the fish and share with us. The anglers were as usual, back to their fishing. The little kids were playing on the sand; picking up shells.

Children are happily playing at the sea and picking up shells.
Ang kuek and groupers

At around 1pm, the boat came to fetch us to the jetty. We took the vans to the Seafood Kelong Restaurant to have our lunch before we set home. We had red grouper, sotong, crabs, vegetables, scallops and soup.

We had our last shopping at the Batam Waterfront City before we checked in. After an hour of ferry ride, we were back in Singapore WTC. Everyone bid goodbye and went home.


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