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2D/1N Kelong Trip on 18 to 19 Sep 2004

Company Trip - Members

Reaching the Jetty
On board the Speed boat
Fishing areas on the Kelong
Ikan Bilis

Kelong Room
First group photo on the kelong

Hungrily waiting for lunch
Lunch Time!
After lunch enjoyment
Fishing Time!
Fishing... with good companions...
I've caught a fish!

Enjoying the breeze, the beautiful scenery
Poker cards time!
Exploring the Kelong
Yes, I love it!

Taking a small boat to the island beach
Picking sea shells
Buying barang brang at provision shop
Going back to kelong
Tea time!
Dinner Time!
Delicious dinner! Crabs!
Mahjong Time!
Breakfast - porridge and many dishes
Lunch before going home
Home Sweet Home

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