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Frequently Asked Questions

What time are we meeting?
An hour before boarding time.

Where are we meeting?
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT).
What should I bring?
- your fishing equipment
- your passport
- extra clothings and junk food for your own comfort
- icebox / can share with your friends
(Please note that baits and sinkers will be provided)

How long is the ferry from TMFT to Tanjong Pinang?
About 1 1/2 hour.

Are meals included?
Yes. A Cook will be stationed on the fishing boat to prepare our meals.

How many people in a boat?
Maximum 12 anglers.

What facilities do you have on the boat?
The boat is facilitated with a room of 12 beds with mattresses, toilets for bathing and normal usages and cooking facility.

How far out do we go out to the sea?/ How far to the spots?
We will travel about 2hrs. Then we will move further on as we go along.

What type of fishing you usually do?
Bottom fishing and trolling.
What bait are we using?
Squids (Sotong) and fish meat will be provided. At night, may able to catch live squids.

Can I bring children along? /
Is it safe enough for children to go along?

As long as you think it is safe enough for the kids. We definitely welcome kids to come fishing with us.

How far ahead do I need to make reservation?
Book early to secure your trips on the best dates.

When is the best time for fishing?
Midnight is the best time.

What if I'm prompt to seasick?
- medicine is available when needed
- you may also get the medicine from pharmacy
(Tips: get those which is less drowsy)

I can't find any company. Can I come alone?
We organise trips for individual and groups. We have lots of anglers who join us alone. They get along easily with other anglers.

Can I book a boat? How much is it?
Yes. Per boat booking is S$1600 for 2D/1N trip. Prices varies with types of trips. You may check out on our Itinerary.

How much do I have to pay for the trip?
For a typical trip, that is, 2D/1N, per pax is S$160.00.
Children: below 12 is S$120 per pax

What are the things I should take note of?
Remember your passport.

Do I have to change my money to rupiah?
Not necessary. Can also use Singapore dollar.

Once we reach Tanjong Pinang, we'll be taking a van to the jetty, where the fishing boat is waiting for us. We will then set off to fishing. We will have our meals on the boat. The Cook will prepare the meals for us. Drinks - coffee, tea and mineral water will be provided. We will be moving on from spots to spots. Those who are tired may take their rest in the bedroom and those who needs a bath may feel free to do so. On the last day of the trip, we will make our way back to the island. Then we will pop onto the van to the ferry terminal and back to Singapore. It will be evening time when the ferry reach TMFT.

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