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About Us

Hi, I am Kenny. Welcome to KennyFishing. I am a fishing organiser in Singapore. I bring anglers from all over the world to fishing in Indonesia and other countries.

Goal of KennyFishingStation

KennyFishing is set up to gather anglers, to where the fish are waiting for us to lure them and to share each and everyone's experience, the joy, the golden moment of fishing.

Types of trips
Besides the 2days/ 1 night trip, KennyFishing do organise for 3 days/ 2 nights and other types of trips upon request. We will do our best to meet the needs of our customers.

Where do we go fishing
KennyFishing brings anglers to different places to fish, for example, Indonesia and other asian or even western countries.

Experienced or Fresh Anglers (including female Anglers)
KennyFishing welcome experienced anglers as well as fresh anglers. Of course, not forgetting the female anglers.

Busy Men
KennyFishing organises trips for the busy people who can only enjoy fishing during the weekends or public holidays. The typical trips are 2 days/ 1 night - set off on Saturday (morning or afternoon) and back in Singapore in late afternoon.

Individuals/ Groups of friends/families/ Organisations
If you have your own group of fishing friends, I'm sure you and your friends can enjoy yourself throughout the trip.
If your organisation do programme fishing trips for staff, we take you on, too.
If your friends are too busy to go along with you for the trip, don't worry, you will not be left alone during the trip. You have very friendly anglers accompanying you throughout the trip.

Join us for fishing now!
For booking, call Kenny @ 96238875 or email:

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